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Our principals have assisted in raising millions of dollars in capital for a variety of corporate initiatives through dozens of debt and equity private placement offerings, including real estate developments.


About Cambridge Corporate Finance

Founded in 2011, Cambridge Corporate Finance is a leading financial services firm that helps both startups and established companies raise capital. Our team of skilled professionals has  a versatile background spanning multiple industries. We are investors, veteran entrepreneurs, and experienced business advisors. While based out of Boston, Massachusetts, we work with clients all over North America, Europe, Latin America,  and Asia.

We operate on the principles of transparency and trust. As finance professionals and advisors, we want to see your company succeed and meet its goals. With our extensive capital market experience, we know the industry’s best practices and how to negotiate with investors, ranging from conventional banks to venture capitalists. Whether you are a startup with no experience raising capital or a Fortune 500 company, we strive to tailor our services to meet your business needs.

Our Services

No matter the complexity or size of your company, our team of experts is ready to connect you with investors from around the world. We understand the difficulties that businesses face when trying to raise capital. Our professional services are designed to take the challenges of raising capital out of your hands and into ours.

Business Plans

We can work with you to create a professional business plan that contains all the important details the investors look for. As investors and advisors, we know first-hand what makes a business plan stand out. From the executive summary to the financial projections, we will fine-tune and perfect every piece of your business plan. Both startups and larger companies take weeks if not months to create business plans – why not free up that time for your team?

Private Placement Memorandums

When it comes time to raise capital for your business, you need to create either a debit or equity private placement memorandum. Our team can create a private placement memorandum that showcases your business’s most important qualitative and quantitative characteristics. We can also help you navigate the SEC’s registration requirements and determine if you can sell your securities under an exemption a registration exemption rule.

Pitch Decks

We have been on both sides of a business pitch – as the investor and the investee. Our team recognizes what is at stake when you give a pitch deck presentation. We can create you a visually appealing and concise pitch deck that will attract potential investors, business partners, and customers. In short, we analyze your business plan and cherry-pick the information that investors want to see. Since you are limited to ten to twenty slides, you cannot afford to omit critical metrics or financial data. We will ensure that your pitch deck is complete and effective.

Business Valuations

Our team has extensive experience valuating businesses using the discount cash flow (DCF). We stand by this technique because it takes into account the variability of future cash flows. Having an accurate business valuation is critical, no matter the maturity of your business. A business valuation will not only attract equity investors but will also help you establish a baseline and goals.

The Team

Our team is made up of individuals who have extensive experience with capital markets, corporate finance, accounting, business law, and business advisory. Many of us are successful entrepreneurs who have built businesses from the ground up. On top of our deep industry knowledge, we strive to make every client our number one priority and offer a personable and friendly experience.

When You Succeed, We Succeed

Our goal is not to merely hand you a deliverable, but to build an ongoing relationship and see your business succeed. We measure our success by your success. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business raise capital and grow to new limits.

Next Steps

Are you ready to secure capital funding and expand your business’s reach? Schedule a free consultation with us today. Our team is ready to evaluate your capital needs and create a tailored approach to help you succeed. No commitment is required to begin the conversation.



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