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Our team of professionals can create a first-rate pitch deck for your business. We have seasoned finance experts with years of experience spanning multiple industries. With a pitch deck from Cambridge Corporate Finance, you can successfully present your business to investors using a presentation of visually appealing slides that powerfully summarize your business. We can transform your business plan into a short and effective pitch deck that can help you raise capital.

Our Fee:

 $3,000 (50% upfront, balance on completion)


How a Pitch Deck Helps You Raise Capital

A pitch deck serves as a short presentation that provides an overview of your business plan, without diving into the same level of detail. An effective and attention-grabbing pitch deck will make potential investors more eager to read your business plan. Think of a pitch deck as a commercial. A commercial is about 30 seconds and its goal is to persuade the audience to buy a product or service. Although a pitch deck is longer than a commercial, the motive is similar. Potential investors and partners are your viewers.

What Every Pitch Deck
Needs to Have

There is a lot of information you can pack into a pitch deck, but you need to keep the presentation brief. The general rule of thumb is that a pitch deck should have no more than 20 slides, with 10 slides being the ideal length. To keep your pitch deck informative and concise, we focus on the below details:

The Problem at Hand

Highlighting the problem is key to starting a pitch deck off on the right foot. However, merely mentioning the problem is not the way to grab attention. The beginning of the presentation should have a catchy tagline or slogan that the audience will remember. Your goal is to demonstrate that a true problem exists and that there is a need for a solution. Keep it simple but convincing.

The Solution to the Problem

After presenting the problem, a pitch deck needs a slide that provides the solution to the problem. The solution should be your business’s products or services. It should not contain a deep dive into the details of your products or service, rather a summary of what can solve the problem you presented in the prior slide. In the following slides, you can share the specifics of how you plan to solve the problem.

A Description of the Product

Now it’s time to showcase your product or service, the solution to the product. While most parts of your pitch deck should only have one slide, the description of the product can have a couple of slides. If possible, the product description needs to have actual photos or screenshots of the product and a step-by-step graphic showing how it works. The product description slide(s) also allows you to list any patents – something that investors like to see.

A Description of Your Company

In your pitch deck presentation, potential investors want to learn more about your company as a whole, not just a new product. The description of your company should detail past success, the culture of your company, and the scope of your company. It is important not to go overboard but your audience will want to see the company presented in a positive light.

The Target Market

If you already have a business plan, you should already have a defined target market. In a nutshell, the target market is those individuals that suffer from the problem presented on the first slide. Be specific; include specific demographic information such as income level, age, gender, and other important characteristics that you can use to identify potential clients. Also, investors want to see that your target market actually exists.

A Summary of the Competition

Unless it is a novel startup, almost all businesses have some form of competition. A great way to present the competition is to create a graphic such as a competitive matrix. With a matrix, investors can easily see how the products and services you offer stack up to your competitors.

Your Business Model

The main purpose of the business model slide is to show your company makes (or will make) a profit. For example – will your customers make a one-time payment, or pay a monthly or annual subscription fee? This slide of the pitch deck should clearly show all the revenue streams which will help boost investor confidence. And not only should this slide show the revenue streams, but it should also include basic financial information such as cost and net margin per unit.

A Financial Forecast

Creating a financial forecast to present to investors can be tricky, especially for startups. Without historical data, startups have to use industry trends or competitive analysis. The financial forecast slide mustn’t be too busy or overly complicated. A short income statement that shows projected revenue, expenses, and EBITDA is a good starting point. Your main goal is clearly demonstrating that you know the income potential and the expenses associated with your business.

Do You Need a Business Plan Before
You Create a Pitch Deck?

Yes, you do need a business plan before you create a pitch deck. A pitch deck is a summary of your business plan compacted in 10 to 20 slides. Without a business plan, you cannot create a meaningful nor convincing pitch deck. Also, if a potential investor or partner is interested in your business after seeing the pitch deck, he or she will want to see a business plan before making a decision. Cambridge Corporate Finance can write a professional business plan for you before creating your pitch deck.

Our Fee to Create Your
Pitch Deck

We charge a fixed rate of $3,000 to create your Pitch Deck. Of the $3,000 fee, 50% is due in advance, and the remaining 50% is due upon delivery of the Pitch Deck. With our fixed-rate pricing model, there are no surprises; you know exactly what you are going to pay before we begin the engagement. As a firm that strives to work with integrity and transparency, we believe that a fixed-fee contractual agreement is the best practice.

Download a Sample
Pitch Deck

Banks and outside investors all require documented evidence proving your ideas will produce successful results. Strategic objectives, marketing and financial forecasts all need evaluating succinctly to aid decision-making.

To get an idea of how we can support your fundraising goals, download a sample pitch deck created by Cambridge  Corporate Finance.

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Contact us today to learn more about our pitch deck services. We can create a visually appealing, effective, and concise pitch deck that will help you find investors, business partners, and customers. Our team of financial professionals has years of industry experience and equips you with the resources you need to grow your business.

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